An Afternoon with JR and Timi – Award Winning Bloggers!

By Kayleigh McKevitt

At our last workshop, the Mediability team had a visit from two award winning bloggers, JR and Timi from Picture This Dublin. With Timi’s quirky blue glasses and JR’s thrift shop style I knew they were unique, genuine and kind people who love what they do.

Kayleigh and Timi

The guys agreed to come along to our workshop in Clontarf to pass on some of their knowledge in regards to the world of blogging. They told us a blog should contain pictures to keep readers interested; it doesn’t have to be too long but it should be captivating, something you’re passionate for and most importantly it must be something people want to read!

They showed us their current project – something their really passionate about #DublinInLove and the #YesEquality campaign. People throughout Dublin are sharing their ideas, images and work to promote the campaign. This really got us thinking about how to get creative and to think outside the box, to get important issues across.

JR and Timi were really open to answering all our questions and concerns about blogging. They put our minds at ease and inspired us to get writing. The guys showed us other writers, bloggers and photographers who have contributed to their site.

The Picture This editors showed us how Facebook and Twitter play a massive role in sharing your blog with the world and getting important messages to as many people as possible. I told them how I get in contact with Justin (Bieber) using Twitter 😉

Justin Bieber








The Mediability Team want to say a special thank you to Timi and JR – #virtualhighfive for spending their Saturday afternoon with us. I wish them all the success in their blogging careers and hope that we can achieve a level of their success with our blog one day….



  1. That sounded like a great session. Loving the outcome of it with the great pieces you guys are creating. Onwards and upwards from here.


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