What I did with my weekend

By Rachel Creevey

Do you know that song “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary”?

Turns out, it’s wrong; it’s not that long to Tipperary!

Especially when you can travel most of the way there via motorways. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be able to shave hours off your journey but wouldn’t it be nice to have something to look at along those long boring roads! Obviously if you’re the driver your attention should be on the road ahead but I’m thinking there should be some entertainment for the passengers!!

I went to Tipperary last weekend with my Mam and my sister for a girlie night away. The three of us try to get away together a couple of times a year and on this occasion we headed to Tipperary.

We stayed in the Horse and Jockey Hotel in…Horse and Jockey, Co. Tipperary. We had a lovely trip; we did a little shopping in Thurles, followed by dinner in the hotel and a couple of drinks.

The hotel is famous for it’s it’s Spa and Salon but we didn’t indulge in any treatments this time. We were more interested in what the shops in Tipperary had to offer us.

We booked the wheelchair friendly room for our stay and while it was nice and spacious in the bedroom, the bathroom was not suitable at all. There was a wheel in shower plus shower seat but then there was hardly any space at either side of the toilet for someone who is able to transfer and the sink was behind the bathroom door, meaning you would have to do some serious three-point turns if you wanted to get in and use it!

Needless to say, I didn’t leave without sharing my concerns with the hotel staff. It’s important to speak up and make people aware of the issues so that they can make changes for any disabled customer they might have in the future!

Finally for any girls considering taking the trip to Tipperary, please note: there is no Penneys in Thurles! No shopping trip is complete without that trip so on the way back to Dublin, we stopped off in Portlaoise town and let loose in Penneys!

That was my weekend – does anyone else want to share what they did at the weekend??

Horse and Jockey Hotel




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