Limerick’s Got Talent 2015 – My Journey

By Gina Lu


Earlier this year, I wrote about my involvement with Limerick’s Got Talent. This was my fifth time to take part in the competition. My first performance took place on the 18th July in the Pery Hotel, Limerick.  My story continues with that first performance:

My performance day came upon me so fast! I was due to be the fourth performer on stage.

I got up and sang the song.  My vocals got a bit dry and I did get a bit emotional which posed a difficulty for the melody in my singing. I was worried this would affect my possibility of getting to the finals.  Thankfully though, that was not the case and for the first time in my Limerick’s Got Talent life, I was through to the final!  I was so overcome with emotion!

I had sung my own song called Comfort Zone that night and my original plan was to go with the same song for the final. However I got a bit worried when a friend of mine, who had been there with me that first night, told me they were looking forward to seeing what I’d do for the finals. As a result, I decided to write a new song.

The intention for this new song which I titled Alphabet was that it was going to be lyrically and musically more upbeat.  The song-writing journey was so much fun.  I wrote the lyrics for the song in a week and I came up with the melody the next week.  I worked on the song with a guy who was a year ahead of me in college.  I practiced and practiced for the whole month and I felt it went really well.

A few days before the final, I was asked to come into the Limerick City Community Radio station for an interview and a sing-song.

The 14th August, the date for the final, was fast approaching.  I had practiced at home as much as I could.  I drank water and had honey and lozenges to prevent any dry throat.

The day finally arrived. I was the fifth performer on stage.  Unfortunately, all my preparation didn’t work and my voice, yet again, went dry onstage.  I had told myself not to be nervous; but the nerves did kick in with the dry vocals. I was really disappointed that I could not show an entertainment factor for the song which has always been a goal of mine.  I normally sing ballads and wanted to push myself to show an entertaining side but dry vocals got in the way.  Despite this, the audience did enjoy the performance and really helped me through it by clapping to the beat.

The song had ended and it was time for the judges to give their feedback.  Two judges spoke to me about it.  They did notice the dry vocals, which was a bit of a bummer, but on the upside they LOVED the song and felt it is the perfect type of song for the Eurovision.

My involvement with Limerick’s Got Talent over the years has been an absolute dream come true. I’ve learned and achieved so much through the competition while making great friends along the way.  When I first entered the competition in 2010, I sang covers of songs so I could display my vocal capabilities. When I entered in 2013, I decided to showcase the songwriter in me;  the song which was called Can’t Wait ‘Til Night was well received.

I’ve always had a keen interest in music; I have an Honour in Grade 5 of Musical Theatre and an Honour in Grade 5 of Singing. I’ve also had voice lessons in the Peter Dee Academy of Music. I have discovered that I can sing covers, I can write my own songs and I’m beginning to learn and understand that the art of being able to sing your own songs is an art in itself.I may not have achieved the title this year but I haven’t given up on it yet – look out LGT 2016!


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