The Corrs White Light Tour 2016

White Light

By Aine McDonnell

As a young adult back in the 90’s I was a huge fan of The Corrs from the very start of their career and I had seen them play many times and also I was fortunate to meet the band on two occasions and to receive a phone call from Andrea for my 21st birthday which at the time I was so shocked about I thought it was a wind up. Their music was a huge part of my life at the time and I identified with their songs on a very personal level in particular the song Forgiven Not Forgotten the title of their first album.

I was heartbroken when the band went their separate ways 10 years ago however I never lost hope that they would reform and bring us more amazing music and incredible, energetic and highly entertaining new live shows, I was of course ecstatic when I heard late last year that Andrea, Caroline, Sharon and Jim were reforming and recording a new album and even more exciting there would be a tour! I waited with baited breath for first the new album White Light and then the tickets for their concert in The 3Arena to be released and I wasn’t disappointed on either count. The album was a mix of the style that when you hear it you automatically know it’s a Corrs song with modern twists to make it new and refreshing.  I got my tickets for the concert and excitedly awaited the date.

The concert was held in the 3Arena as I mentioned and the atmosphere as soon as you entered the venue was electric. The support act for the concert were a duo called The Shires who I had never heard of but whose music complimented the music of The Corrs very well and they were hugely entertaining and got the crowd energised with their Dixie Chicks style set, the lead singer of The Shires has an incredible voice and I was very pleasantly surprised as I wasn’t looking forward to the support act just the main event.

The Corrs came on stage at about 8:30pm and from the start it was full on and full of energy and emotion. The opening set had Caroline hidden behind a screen and playing an instrumental on the drums and then the rest of the band emerged and started with the song I Do What I Like from the current album following swiftly with Give Me A Reason and Forgiven Not Forgotten and I was instantly transported back to that time in my life in the early 90’s. As I lost myself in the music and looked around at the crowd surrounding me I felt I was swimming in an ocean of memories and music that was so powerful and so emotional that I shed a tear.

The highlights of the show for me were a very funny moment when Andrea forgot the words to the song Buachaill Ón Éirne and shyly quipped “I hope my Irish teacher is not here tonight!” Her response to forgetting her words made me remember just how funny Andrea can be, that and a reference to her diminutive size and how a ukulele she was playing was as she put it “A full size guitar!”  The main highlight however was the song that the whole audience had come to hear and sing along to, the biggest hit and the debut single that the band had it was of course Runaway it was incredible, such a magical moment to hear the crowd sing this beautiful song, the song I want as my first dance if I ever get married. I again got very emotional and sang along with the rest of the audience with all my heart.  The concert finished around 10:30pm with a rousing encore featuring White Light, Breathless and one of my favourite instrumentals that they play Toss The Feathers.

As I went back to my hotel after the concert finished I was in a nostalgic and pensive mood and I felt privileged to have been a part of such an amazing experience with a band who are just as good and as relevant now as they were all those years ago.  I was delighted to be a part of it all and being engrossed again in the music, the memories and the magic that is The Corrs.


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