By Rachel Creevey, Shelly Gaynor and Jenny Kerr

The Google Gang

On Friday 8th July, staff members from Google met with the IWA Media Group in the Carmel Fallon Holiday Centre in Clontarf. The Google team (or ‘Googlers’ as they are also known) were there to deliver a workshop about Google Software and Products, creating an effective LinkedIn Page and to give us advice on CV preparation and interview skills.

IWA Media Group members Shelly Gaynor and Jenny Kerr tell us some more about what happened on the day.

The Google team started the workshop with an icebreaker game – we were presented with word anagrams (which we were told were animals) which we had to unscramble. When you guessed correctly, you received a prize!

Now that our brains had been kick started, it was time to get down to the serious business of the workshop. We started with an overview of Google Products and Features. We all found this very useful. Shelly says:  “I gained a good bit of knowledge, in relation to Google Docs; it’s something I’d use quite regularly for different talks that I do”

Jenny said I found it very interesting to learn all about the Google products, especially the ones that can help people keep in touch with their friends and colleagues in Ireland and around the world”.

 “I also found it very useful to discover that Google Docs can be used in a similar way to programs like Messenger and Chat for Facebook; two people can work together (in real time) to edit a document”.

 I’ve only ever used Gmail and Google+ so it was really useful to learn that there was a lot more to it than meets the eye”, Jenny said.

After a quick break to do what the Irish do best: ‘have a chat over a cuppa’; we learned more about LinkedIn. The Googlers told us all about the benefits of having a good LinkedIn profile when you’re looking for employment. We also learned about Connections and how we can Endorse each other’s skills. Later on in the workshop the Googlers set up LinkedIn profiles for any of the group members who didn’t already have one.

The final section of the workshop focused on our CV’s.

We broke into small groups and had one-to-one sessions with the Googlers who looked over our CV’s and gave us advice and guidance on what should and should not be included in them.

Google 3

The girls give their overall impressions of the day:

“All in all, it was a very interesting and informative day.  I hope that in the future, IWA Media Group and Google can work together again to create something that both groups can benefit from”, said Jenny.

The final word goes to Shelly who says “It was a very enjoyable and beneficial day for all. Thanks to the guys from Google for coming out!”

IWA were delighted to present Google with the IWA Corporate Volunteer Award 2016 at an awards ceremony which took place in May. The Association would like to thank Google for their ongoing support and commitment.

Special thanks to Business in the Community for facilitating the IWA Media Group workshop with Google Ireland.

Google 2


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